19.05.08 The 2019 SBMC champions are crowned!

The 2019 SBMC champions were crowned in Riksgränsen, Sweden today, when Scandinavias best freeriders gave their all at the legendary north face of Nordalsfjäll.

Ski Women
The top scorer of the second day of riding, and third time Scandinavian Champion, was Hedvig Wessel of Norway, who pulled off an amazing run in Ravinen stomping the biggest airs of the day for her category. Caroline Strömberg, who’s been absolutely sending it down Nordalsfjäll for two days, came in second place, and claimed her fourth career SBMC podium. Ida Sivander, did a great final run, linking together a number of difficult features in high speed with good control, giving her the third place on the podium.

Ski Men
The podium of the men’s ski category gives a bright look into the future of Swedish big mountain freeriding. Max Palm, 16 years of age, made history today being the youngest ever champion in the 28 year history of the Scandinavian Big Mountain Championships. His achievement is even more impressive when considering the starting field with the top 100 riders in Scandinavia include names like Reine Barkered, Kristofer Turdell and the Regnér brothers. Albin Holmgren, 17 years of age, is another rider proving that age is only a number. Albins playful style with perfect ski technique and confident back flips awarded him the second place. Edvin Olsson, 19 years, who was in the lead after the first day, came in third place. He claimed his first career SBMC podium thanks to his hard-charging big mountain riding and perfectly stomped airs.

Snowboard Women
Among the women snowboarders, Julia Örtegren, is the champion after riding convincingly both in the qualifications and the finals. Ylva carlsson came second and Eva Hegnar from Norway, who was in the lead after the first day, was in third place.

Snowboard Men
Richard Croy is the men’s 2019 Snowboard champion, after an impressive run in the finals. Emil Ekelund, who stomped one of the biggest snowboard airs in the SBMC history, came in second place. Franz Magdics from Austria, came third. He’s been riding convincingly both in the qualifications and the finals with creative line choices and good control.

Leevi Keränen made a great final run awarding him the champion title.stood out among the telemarkers. Sami Ilonen came in second ahead of Erik Nordin, who had four consecutive wins earlier.

Check out the live webcast from swedish national television with studio comments by Kristofer Turdell and Caroline Strömberg:


19.05.08 Update competition status - follow live webcast at 13.30

The current weather conditions on the venue do not allow for a safe contest to take place. The scores from the qualification and the first final run give the total ranking.

Join the live webcast with Swedish national television at 13.30 from a studio in Riksgränsen featuring the best runs from day 1 and 2, live interviews and comments.




19.05.06 Day 1 of 3, Qualifications

Today 150 riders entered the qualifications in the Scandinavian Big Mountain Championships on Nordalsfjäll at the Swedish freeride mecca of Riksgränsen. 72 riders are now qualified for the finals on Tuesday and Wednesday. Here’s what went down.

Ski women
Caroline Strömberg was awarded the first place among the women with a very impressive run in icy and difficult conditions. The former champion from 2016, Evelina Nilsson was second, ahead of the defending champion, Hedvig Wessel of Norway. All three showed strong commitment and chose similar lines in the steepest and most technical part of the venue.

Hedvig Wessel, third place today, made her podium intentions clear. Photo: Erik Westberg

Ski Men
One of many young Swedish freeride sensations, Edvin Olsson, had something big in mind when he linked together a perfectly landed back flip with high speed turns and a huge air in the steepest part of the venue, awarding him the first place. Former world champion Reine Barkered did not disappoint. He shared the second place with Hugo Scharl, both with technical airs in the upper part and huge straight airs over the rocks in the lower part.

Reine Barkered, in the qualifications. Photo: Erik Westberg

Eva Hegnar from Tromsö, Norway, took first place in the women’s snowboard, ahead of Julia Örtegren and Ylva Carlsson, all three managed to find beautiful lines with some soft snow. Richard Croy was awarded the first place with strong riding and clean landings, ahead of swiss Alex Rufibach who showed perfect technique and stomping skills after two big airs. Martin Wichardt was in third place.

The defending champion Erik Nordin, is in the lead ahead of finnish telemarker Leevi Keränen and Sami Ilonen.

Check out the complete lists of qualification results


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