18.04.24 SBMC 2018 - ***Freeride World Qualifier Event

Latest news! The SBMC will be a Freeride World Qualifier Event. You can collect points from your SBMC 2018 result and be ranked in the FWQ-system, if you wish! If you choose to compete at the SBMC without the FWQ license, your result at the SBMC will not be affected. Licensed riders and non-licensed riders will compete equally.

SBMC riders who wish for their result to count in the FWQ-ranking will have to purchase a FWQ 10€ one event license (if you do not already have a FWQ or FJT license). It will not be possible to decide after the event if you want your result to count in the FWQ ranking. You can buy the 10€ license at the race office in Riksgränsen on may 6 prior to the riders meeting. You can also buy the license online. Please find details below:

Registration for new members in the FWQ system: http://fwt.memberpro.net/ssl/main/body.cfm?menu=regions&submenu=registerNowMFEE&region_id=5

Login for existing members in the FWQ system: https://fwt.memberpro.net/ssl/main/body.cfm?menu=regions&submenu=loginNowREGL

One event license: eligible to compete once per season (10 EUR)
Tour license: Eligible to compete twice or more (35 EUR)

Please note that a rider who has only a once event FWQ license and already competed once in either Norway or other parts of the world, need to upgrade to a tour license.


18.04.04 Check out Carl Regnér!

Former SBMC champion Carl Regnér missed this season at the FWT due to a broken hand. Now he is getting ready for the come back! Check out this little edit, get inspired and sign up to compete! Or plan your trip to watch the SBMC live in Riksgränsen!

18.02.09 Registrations for the 2018 SBMC are open!

Freeride world tour competitors like Reine Barkered, Kristofer Turdell and Carl Regnér have already signed up for the SBMC 2018. And the same goes for Olympic freestyle skier Hedvig Wessel and last years podium finisher Filippa Ring.

There are only a few vacant spots left in the men’s alpine class. Make sure to secure your spot! Please note that all riders need to reserve accomodation before april 8. Accomodation is not guaranteed after april 8. The hotel in Riksgränsen will be fully booked. Check out the SBMC 2018 video trailer!

17.05.18 SBMC 2017 video summary

Take a look at all the incredible action that went down at the 2017 Scandinavian Big Mountain Championships. Here’s the video summary!

17.05.11 Moa Wärvik and Jon Sallinen win Rookie of the year titles!

The Peak Performance “Rookie of the year” titles goes out to the most outstanding achievement among the young and unestablished riders, women and men, in the Scandinavian Big Mountain Championships.

Moa Wärvik, 19 years of age, came to the SBMC and did her first start ever in a big mountain competition. She normally spends her days in the slopes racing gates, but she skied the terrain in Riksgränsen like it was her home turf and ended up in third place in the finals!

Jon Sallinen, 16 years of age from Helsinki in Finland, made it to the finals where he stood out mixing big mountain turns with impressive backflips and freestyle tricks.


17.05.10 The 2017 champions are crowned!

Champions were crowned today after the final runs of the Scandinavian Big Mountain Championships.

Today’s final battle for the titles took place on the north face of Nordalsfjäll known as “Insteget”, due to difficult snow conditions at Nordalsbranten. The judges, the crowd on site and thousands of online viewers, got to see some amazing freeride performances.

Kristofer Turdell, the 2017 champion in men’s alpine, & Hedvig Wessel, the 2017 champion in women’s alpine

Kristofer Turdell is the 2017 Scandinavian Champion in men’s alpine. Kristofer, who was in the lead after two runs, ticked all the right boxes for a top score in his last run, giving him the overall title. This was Turdells fourth victory in Riksgränsen. Carl Regnér, who won in 2016 and recently qualified for the 2018 Freeride World Tour, came in second place. Nisse Wersén, a young and promising mogul skier, came in third place, showing that big mountain skiing might be an optional career.

In the women’s alpine class, first and second place were tied in score, but separated due to highest individual score in the competition. Norwegian Hedvig Wessel, is not only an Olympic freestyle skier, she is also the first Norwegian in 17 years to become the Scandinavian Big Mountain Champion. In equal score as Wessel, the champion from last year, Filippa Ring, came in second place. Moa Wärvik, 19 years of age, entered her first big mountain competition and came third! Moa also won the Peak Performance rookie of the year award together with Jon Salinen from Finland.

In the telemark category, Erik Nordin was untouchable. He was in superior lead already after two runs and today he delivered another high speed run including a huge back flip in perfect control.

After three days of solid riding, the champion in men’s snowboard is Joel Burman. The champion in women’s snowboard is Norwegian Siri Solstad who pulled of the best snowboard run of the competition in the finals today.

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