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Accommodation package SBMC 2021

Accomodation at the Riksgränsen Hotel with the following prices are available for SBMC competitors. Make your reservation for the SBMC with Riksgränsen Hotel, Lapland Resorts: ph +4698064100 or

Available packages may 21-24 2020 Prices for 2021 soon to be updated.

Part of premium apartment 3 bed, SEK 1117/bed (breakfast and linen not included)
Part of premium apartment 4 bed, SEK 1153/bed (breakfast and linen not included)
Part of apartment 6 bed, SEK 1119/bed (breakfast and linen not included)

​If you travel alone and you would like a room of your own, ask for additional cost.
Phone number to Lapland Resorts booking is +46 (0)980 64100.

Lift pass

Competitors will be offered a 20% discount on lift tickets two days before the competition. Lift transportation is included in the starting fee during the days of competition.

Getting there

From Sweden: Fly domestic to Kiruna with SAS. You can go by train or bus (130 km) from Kiruna to Riksgränsen. You can also go by train all the way to Riksgränsen –

From Norway: (NB temporarily closed due to Covid-19).
Fly domestic to Evenes Airport (Harstad/Narvik). You can go by bus from the airport to Narvik. From Narvik to Riksgränsen (45 km) by train or car pick up.

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