20.03.17 Covid-19 vs SBMC 2020? With some adjustments, we’re aiming to carry through the SBMC 2020 on may 4-6!

About the SBMC 2020 and the COVID-19.

With just about 2 moths to go we want to clarify our position regarding the 2020 Scandinavian Big Mountain Championships in regard to the COVID-19 outbreak.

We monitor the development closely and will make our decisions based on the recommendations issued by the Swedish public health agency and additional regulations set by the Swedish government.

With that said our goal is to carry through with the competition as has been the case for the past 28 years even if we might have to make some adjustments to avoid the gathering of too many people in one place at the riders meeting or the banquet for instance. We will most probably also have certain Covid-19 guidelines for the riders on how to act during the event.

A lot can and will happen in the 2 months to come but for us it is an important position to take to say that life will continue beyond this current crisis and hopefully we will be part of that positive movement to take us back to normality one step at the time.

So for now at least we say:

Welcome to the 2020 SBMC, and hope to see you in Riksgränsen may 4-6!

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