24.05.10 The 2024 Rookie of the year titles

A longtime idea of the SBMC is that any rider should have the chance to challenge the longtime pros and make a major impact at the highest level of our sport. The 2024 Rookie of the year titles by Peak Performance goes to 16 year old Max Håkansta and 18 year old Elma Brundin. Remember their names, they might be the future power players of big mountain freeriding!

24.05.08 The 2024 Champions are crowned!

The normal venue for the finals at the SBMC, “Branten”, was deemed too icy. So for safety reasons the finals took place at “Insteget”, less steep but still challenging terrain with very big features. Apart from the icy snow, conditions couldn’t be better. A big crowd enjoyed the sun on site and thousands of online viewers could watch the spectacular show on real time at Swedish National television’s live webcast.

In the women’s snowboard category Iina Kurunsaari from Finland is the overall winner ahead of Tova Nejne and Sadhi Sonja Vohrnberger, Germany.

In the men’s snowboard category, the top three riders from the first two days managed to defend their positions. After three days of solid riding the champion is Arvid Gustafsson. Former champion August Coster came in second place, ahead of italian Fredrico Baronetti.

For the first time in a couple of years, the SBMC had a telemark category. The champion is, like many times before, Erik Nordin. He was challenged by Iisko Kuusisto from Finland who came in second place, ahead of Alvin Noaksson

The Women’s alpine category was a tight battle all days between canadian rider Olivia McNeill and swedish Maria Rydén. In the end, the solid and techical skiing from Maria payed off but with a very tight margin. Ingrid Wahlberg from Sweden was in third place. 

The situation was similar in the men’s alpine category where Kristofer Turdell and Edvin Olsson battled for the first place all three days. Both riders made huge back flips and 360’s look easy in the very challenging conditons. However, the best run of the day came from Edvin Olsson, awarding hm the 2024 title. Kristofer Turdell, as always with a technically perfect style just behind. Milton Holmqvist from Finland took a well deserved third place with strong riding and big airs in all his runs.
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24.05.06 SBMC day 1 of 3, qualification results

Riksgränsen offered blue skies and sunny weather when the 33rd edition of the Scandinavian Big Mountain Championships took off at Nordalsfjäll. In the qualifcations (day 1 of 3) the snow conditions, icy and rock solid, invited to safe mode riding, but the audience still got to see some amazing runs. In the snowboard category Lina Kurunsaari from Finland is in the lead ahead of german rider Sadhi Sonja Vornberger. The 2022 snowboard champion August Coster is just ahead Arvid Gustafsson. Iisko Kuusisto from Finland is in the lead in the telemark category, just ahead of former champion Erik Nordin.

In the women ski category Olivia Mcneill, Canada, took a difficult steep line with two big airs that awarded her the first place in the qualifications, ahead of Maria Rydén and Tilde Gustafsson.

In the men’s ski, Edvin Olsson performed a fast and breath taking run with a huge backflip in very exposed terrain, awarding him the lead. Kristofer Turdell, in second place, took a similar line including a 360 in the upper part of the run and finishing off with a huge straight air over the rocks at Nordalssadeln. Olof Halvarsson is in third place after an impressive back flip with a similar take off  to Edvin Olsson.

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Photo; Lisa Björnström/SBMC2024

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