20.05.04 Cancelled. But the SBMC goes digital!

Damn, we are so sorry to announce that the 2020 SBMC will have to be cancelled.

But hey!!!
Don’t look so sad, we’ve got at least a small consolation for you, let us present:

We all want to finish this season on a high note and what could be better than to dig deep in this years material and create the Definitive 2020 Season Edit!

The SBMC invites all riders and filmmakers out there to enter in a one class, jury-based film competition where the best riding of 2020 will be celebrated. Create a 1-5 minute edit that best portray your season from a riding perspective, add some flavors like friendship, nature, scenery and happiness and you have the perfect recipe for this competition. Your entry will have to be in our hands by May 13 at the latest along with a signed rights form that confirms you as the owner of all material in the film. Download the Liability Release SBMVC 20202 and send a mail to sbmc@bigmountain.se
We need to know the following:

Names and roles of the people involved in the film:
Where you are from:
Where the material is shot:
When the material is shot:
Possible other credits:
Any comments or thoughts you want to share in connection to the film:
Contact details, phone number and e-mail address:
And finally, link to the film on WeTransfer:

Please use the guidelines in https://vimeo.com/help/compression to prepare your file before delivery and if possible use the H.264 codec. We will reply with a confirmation that we have received the film as soon as we’ve checked the material.

As said, we will judge all the entries alongside each other regardless of the tools used or how you choose to ride. Our jury will then select 10 entries as finalists and those will be communicated by the SBMC and our partners. On May 16 we will announce the winners of the comp and also release a mash up edit that will be based on all the fantastic entries to the 2020 SBMVC.

Apart from making a lot of viewers happy you will compete for a chunk of cash. The winner will get 8K, the runner up 5K and third place 3K. All prices in SEK.

Looking forward to seeing you ride in 2020 (even if it will be digital this year).

The SBMC Crew

Media partners

Resort partner