Arranged annually since 1992, the Scandinavian Big Mountain Championships is the world´s original big mountain competition. Hosting ski area for the event is the small resort of Riksgränsen, located above the Arctic Circle on the border between Sweden and Norway. Welcome to the 2020 edition, and the worlds original freeride competition!

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Latest news

20.05.16 The ultimate 2020 season edit

We have three winners but a whole bunch of very worthy contributions so we’ve made a mash up from some of the best images. We hope it gives a really good picture of the enthusiasm, the good times and great runs in the SBMC Video challenge. Enjoy the ultimate 2020 season edit and feel free to share it. See you for some real skiing in Riksgränsen at the SBMC 2021 for the 30th anniversary of the competition!

20.05.16 We have a winner!

It’s been a tough but sweet challenge to sort out our thoughts and impressions of all these fantastic contributions. We have selected our three podium finishers and they are:

1st place
Lars Storli in the film shot by Paul Norheim
See it at:

2nd place
Cody Bramwell
See it at:

3rd place
Einar Frønum
See it at:

Be sure to check them out and give them love for their outstanding work!

And stay tuned for a final mash up we’ve done of all the contributions we have received, the ultimate 2020 season edit!

Thank you so much for all the good vibes we’ve had from all around the world.

The SBMC Crew through Robert and Mats

20.05.04 Cancelled. But the SBMC goes digital!

Damn, we are so sorry to announce that the 2020 SBMC will have to be cancelled.

But hey!!!
Don’t look so sad, we’ve got at least a small consolation for you, let us present:

We all want to finish this season on a high note and what could be better than to dig deep in this years material and create the Definitive 2020 Season Edit!

The SBMC invites all riders and filmmakers out there to enter in a one class, jury-based film competition where the best riding of 2020 will be celebrated. Create a 1-5 minute edit that best portray your season from a riding perspective, add some flavors like friendship, nature, scenery and happiness and you have the perfect recipe for this competition. Your entry will have to be in our hands by May 13 at the latest along with a signed rights form that confirms you as the owner of all material in the film. Download the Liability Release SBMVC 20202 and send a mail to
We need to know the following:

Names and roles of the people involved in the film:
Where you are from:
Where the material is shot:
When the material is shot:
Possible other credits:
Any comments or thoughts you want to share in connection to the film:
Contact details, phone number and e-mail address:
And finally, link to the film on WeTransfer:

Please use the guidelines in to prepare your file before delivery and if possible use the H.264 codec. We will reply with a confirmation that we have received the film as soon as we’ve checked the material.

As said, we will judge all the entries alongside each other regardless of the tools used or how you choose to ride. Our jury will then select 10 entries as finalists and those will be communicated by the SBMC and our partners. On May 16 we will announce the winners of the comp and also release a mash up edit that will be based on all the fantastic entries to the 2020 SBMVC.

Apart from making a lot of viewers happy you will compete for a chunk of cash. The winner will get 8K, the runner up 5K and third place 3K. All prices in SEK.

Looking forward to seeing you ride in 2020 (even if it will be digital this year).

The SBMC Crew

20.04.12 New dates, competition postponed to may 22-23

Ok, so here we are in the midst of a global pandemic and we keep talking about petty stuff like a freeride competition. Well as we see it this is a chance to focus on some of the good things in life, and to us these plans and preparations represent a window in to a hopefully bright and healthy future. Our conclusion today is that we will not be able to hold the competition at the previously stated dates of May 4-6.We will however not give up on our dream to keep the movement of the past 28 years going.

With the exceptional conditions right now in Riksgränsen, with more snow than we’ve ever seen before we have a unique opportunity to postpone the competition and hopefully be able to go at a later date.
The good people of Riksgränsen have given us the opportunity to run the competition at the very last weekend of their season so the NEW DATES for the 2020 SBMC will be May 21-24. Our deadline date for a final decision to stage/not stage the competition will be on may 6.

We want to make it absolutely clear that however much we want to hold the competition, the security and wellbeing of you, the riders, our staff and the staff of Riksgränsen is what matters most as it always is.
We are in continuous contact with representatives of the medical community in the region as well as our core medical and rescue staff and if we feel that the ability to keep the same high level of security in and around the arena as we usually do, is in some way decreased we will cancel the competition. Also, in relation to the COVID-19 situation we will as stated before, make our decisions based on the recommendations issued by the Swedish public health agency and additional regulations set by the Swedish government. o, again we say:
Welcome to the 2020 SBMC and hope to see you in Riksgränsen May 21-24!

NB! Riders that are already signed up to compete on may 4-6 will automatically be signed up to compete on May 21-24. If we are forced to cancel the competition, or if riders are forced to cancel their attendance on the new dates, there will be a refund of the starting fee.

20.03.17 Covid-19 vs SBMC 2020? With some adjustments, we’re aiming to carry through the SBMC 2020 on may 4-6!

About the SBMC 2020 and the COVID-19.

With just about 2 moths to go we want to clarify our position regarding the 2020 Scandinavian Big Mountain Championships in regard to the COVID-19 outbreak.

We monitor the development closely and will make our decisions based on the recommendations issued by the Swedish public health agency and additional regulations set by the Swedish government.

With that said our goal is to carry through with the competition as has been the case for the past 28 years even if we might have to make some adjustments to avoid the gathering of too many people in one place at the riders meeting or the banquet for instance. We will most probably also have certain Covid-19 guidelines for the riders on how to act during the event.

A lot can and will happen in the 2 months to come but for us it is an important position to take to say that life will continue beyond this current crisis and hopefully we will be part of that positive movement to take us back to normality one step at the time.

So for now at least we say:

Welcome to the 2020 SBMC, and hope to see you in Riksgränsen may 4-6!

20.01.11 Great news! We're introducing a new +40 Masters class. Register now!

Welcome SBMC Masters!

In honor of the Masters of the past 28 years and in anticipation of the coming 30-year anniversary we are introducing a Masters category from the 2020 competition and onwards. The category welcomes all riders 40+ and the classes that fill up with at least 4 riders will be executed under the exact same rules as the other classes. Make sure to register asap, the starting field is limited!

Enjoy this Masters filled edit from 2006:

19.12.18 Sign up for the SBMC 2020!

Freeride world tour competitors like Reine Barkered, Kristofer Turdell and Carl Regnér have already signed up for the SBMC 2020. And the same goes for the reigning champion Hedvig Wessel and last years podium finisher Caroline Strömberg. Another interesting name on the entry list is last years winner Max Palm. The SBMC 2020 is a *** Freeride World Qualifier Event.

Please note that all riders need to reserve accomodation before april 6 (accomodation is not guaranteed after april 6, the hotel in Riksgränsen will be fully booked)

Sign up here!


19.05.26 Petrea Norgren and Douglas Nordqvist win rookie of the year titles!

Douglas Nordqvist and Petrea Norgren at the prize giving ceremony in Riksgränsen, May 8, 2019

Petrea Norgen, 21 years of age, has a background from alpine racing. She handled the steep terrain and difficult conditions at Nordalsfjäll with no hesitation. She made it to the finals and ended up in 7th place in the total ranking, showing a playful style and high speed turns!

Douglas Nordqvist, 17 years of age, spends most of his ski days in the alpine racing academy in Gällivare. The SBMC 2019 was his first ever big mountain competition. His impressive ski technique and lots of air time awarded him the 6th place in the total ranking!
Petrea Norgren

Douglas Nordqvist 

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